Sport Positive Leagues highlights environmental sustainability initiatives of top flight professional clubs

Launched with Sport Positive Premier League Sustainability Table in 2019, we have updated Premier League twice, launched Bundesliga in 2021 and will launch Ligue 1 shortly in 2022. We contine to work on La Liga and Serie A as well as working on leagues for women’s football, and other sports too.

What we do

We systematically collate key environmental sustainability information for every football club into a league table matrix. The categories reflect the environmental impacts of putting on a sports match, and initiatives that are under way at clubs, put together in an easy and digestible format.

Our research process is intense, but uniquely we always work in congress with the clubs themselves to verify information we have found and provide missing information for our rankings. So you know that we are not missing key information about your club.

When clubs launch new initiatives or progress their efforts, we update the leagues in real time. To make sure you’re always up to date on rankings, new club initiatives and new league launches, click here:

Top of the league or battling relegation?

Just like our brand says, we are all about being positive. Whilst a league table is the easiest way to communicate and present this information, we are NOT pitting clubs against each other. All of the clubs in our leagues are on a journey when it comes to sustainability or taking climate action, and just like the football we love, your team might be in a building season right now, for many different reasons. We know from our work that the desire to do more is universal, and our leagues have actually been cited as a driver of increased ambition in this area. Keep checking back for updates on your club’s progress! We are #sportpositive.

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Recent Press

Throwback: Listen to our CEO, Claire Poole, as well as Tottenham Hotspur’s Tony Stevens and Southampton FC’s Tim Greenwell be interviewed by The Sustainability Report. They discuss the 2020 Sport Positive Premier League rankings, as well as how Spurs surged to the top of the table by making sustainability core to the club’s business and Southampton FC’s new sustainability strategy, The Halo Effect.'

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